Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our own evil, selfish doings.

"save the planet" issues are all over the telly, and terrorism is all over the newspapers.

i sometimes wonder if this world will end first by terror or by our heck care attitude towards our Earth. 11well it's not exactly a heck care attitude either since what we do care about "saving the Earth" when good money-making opportunities are involved. there is, after all, money to be made in recycling, as much as there is in chopping down trees to make paper and other products.

anyway, for some, they believe that the end of this world will come anyway and in the way in which God planned for it to be so.

however, it doesn't mean that we should work so quickly at destroying our Earth. the ones we hurt at the end of the day and at the end of our days will be ourselves.

and so for now i think i would still stick to my act of disposing of my 1.5L pokka green and peach tea bottles (it just pains me to throw a bottle away for every single day of the year) at the large recycling bins located on the ground floor of my place, and this little act may not mean a lot of good to the world, but it would probably mean a lot of harm if join the rest of the non-recyclers if i fail to do so.

who cares about "environmentalist" badges that we receive in school? the real environmentalists aren't those who complete 20 environmentally-friendly acts, but those who persist in their determination to always do every little bit of what they can for it.

and might I say.. i will continue to think that this whole money-making thing is indeed a mindless money-making thing for most organisations until i see that natural gas becomes miraculously affordable for all and that it becomes mandatory for all cars to be fitted with natural gas-compatible tanks, that purchasing books made out of recycled paper are of the same price as those that aren't, and that recycling bins are made available at every kind of housing - be it HDB flats, landed homes, and etc, and at the entrances of supermarkets - which was something I caught sight of in Boston that made me so happy. well the people who do dump their bottles thoughtfully do get some kind of a 5 cent credit for each, towards their purchases at the supermarkets itself, and if supermarkets and manufacturers of tin cans, aluminium cans, glass bottles and all else here are making a ton of profit from sales, i don't see why they they can't just do the same. would it threaten the livelihood of the rag-and-bone man? i'm not sure, but then again, the only kind of recyclables i've ever seen them collect are newspapers. in terms of rag-and-bone contributions, are newspapers and broken, used items the only possibly-giveable things that people know of, or is it that they don't collect them? Perhaps I ought to find out some day.

(honestly, i've heard that it is compulsory for private estates to have recycling bins, and so what excuse is there for Housing Board estates [HDB flats] to be excused of having them too?) yes, it will cost the town councils $$ for the collection of the money-making trash in recycling bins, but please will someone tell me - is that not $$ well spent or is it not $$ spent for a crucial cause?

Needless to say, I am ranting from the bottom of my heart. I just had to put this down because the people on the telly are complaining everyday about how we mindlessly ignore the fact that our Earth is going down, and while there are people who recognize that that is the truth, the real ones whom i admire are those who act upon it in a bid for change.

Have a good week ahead.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

i like it.

time passes so fast and i don't even realise it.

it's been over a month since i last blogged and it only felt like a week! i guess when i spend my time doing nothing it all just passes too quickly.

anyway, i just read this and i like it :)

gotta head back to sleep now.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

yoghurt ice cream is love

my love for yoghurt ice cream began when i was still doing my diploma at ngee ann polytechnic.

I-scream used to be sold there, and i loved the name, as well as the taste of it, with peach being my favourite flavour.

and Yami Yoghurt serves Peachie as well, and so it was love too.

but until now.. eating yoghurt was something we'd eat only when we happened to walk by those shops. however, just last week, doo and i have been eating yoghurt ice-cream a lot (like 3x in 4 days or something like that), and we've been ordering large cups of it. why?

cos we went to holland V.. where they serve lychee-flavoured yoghurt ice cream.

and then we went to vivo city and discovered that there's a newly opened yoghurt ice cream store as well. (doo likes the green tea flavoured one there)

and SURPRISE! Swirl Art is at river valley road, so close to where i stay.. so we had to try it as well :) we like the green apple from there! kinda tastes like a yoghurt version of 7-11's green apple slurpee. heehee.

and so.. as we discovered these new yoghurt ice-cream places that just sprouted out so quickly and so many all of a sudden, we also realised, that Petit Provence bakery has stores sprouting out around Singapore as well!

other than the one at holland v, they now have one at vivocity (brazilian cheese - good if you're craving for the brazilian cheesy things at brazilian meaty buffets, but i still prefer the ones at the buffet) and plaza singapura (love love love the cheesecake danish!).

so everybody, say yes to food, just as how doo and i have done - having patronized all the branches above. haha!


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Sunday, March 21, 2010


i will be going to get my chanel tattoos later today.

am so so so excited.


PS: school's almost out. 4 weeks to go!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

best wishes for all as always

domo wishes everyone a happy lunar new year and valentine's day!

and here's a picture of my favourite ring of all time..

hmm.. and look who's here?

that's just me and my new outfit ;)

and as you can tell i'm in the mood for pink ;)

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

THE LEASH. part two.

i saw a kid on a leash for myself!

at plaza singapura, this kid was running away from his mother, but she loooked so calm cos she had him on a leash. and i looked at the kid's legs, if he was 'free', he would've run really far away already because his legs were moving so fast and he was running on his toes!!!

i thought that was really bad for his physicaly development. what if he learns to walk and run on his toes?

don't tell me he can then become a world-class ballerina please.

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Thursday, December 31, 2009


was on facebook when i came across the topic of the use of a child leash. a friend had spotted a couple using it with their child.

and some smart alec who isn't someone i know commented that perhaps parents who use 'em have children with special needs.

another friend replied, saying that children with special needs can learn to be behave themselves, thus hinting that it is not an issue of whether or not a child has special needs.

i feel that both children with special needs as well as typically-developing children can have equally severe behavioural issues. so the deciding factor for the 'entitlement' for the use of a child leash should never be about whether or not a child has special needs.

i didn't post that up on facebook for fear of sounding as if i was going to kill the person instead of defending children with special needs. however, i have to say it here that i am upset that there are still people who think that "oh.. the misbehaving kids are those with special needs" (as shown through this incident). PLEASE. i think they have not been exposed enough to typically-developing children with challenging behaviour.

anyway, the smart alec whom i do not know defended her statement by saying that she feels for the parents and that parents would not feel good using it with their child so they must have their reasons (eg. safety). she then said she is not in favour of those who use the leash on "just any child" but for children with special needs, she doesn't know enough to comment though she wouldn't use it.

i just don't get it. what is with the special needs thing? why does she need to keep mentioning special needs like it is as though children with special needs aren't children? what separates "just any child" from children with special needs? and not commenting for children with special needs means that she does not entirely detest the action of using the leash on them (as opposed to being able to comment that she detests the use of the leash on just any child - i would guess that she had desperately wanted to add in the word 'normal') and does having a child with special needs mean that it is more acceptable for a parent to use the leash with her child? i certainly do not think so.

this is pure prejudice, in my opinion, and it's like saying if you're a typically-developing kid, you are most probably an angel, but those who need the leash are most likely those with special needs. of course i'm not saying that children with special needs are easy to manage, but there are difficulties with both typically-developing children as well as children with special needs and it hurts to know that people immediately link extreme measures (such as the leash) to children with special needs.

just my two cents worth of thoughts.

anyway, am also feeling sad for the victims of the hit and run accident by that notorious Audi driver who still remains at large.

and of course, i am dreading the assignments that i have to do before school reopens. it bugs me that i only have 3 more days to complete it, but i know that i would only be starting on them at the last hour. not too good a thing i know, but i really need to treasure the last few days of my precious last school vacation.

however, abby is always abby and abby is thrilled to receive two new rompers yesterday, and she loves them so :D

i can't wait to wear 'em :D:D:D will probably do so today!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

honto ni gomenasai

makes absolutely no sense.

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